WaterDemons Films Reality TV Pilot

A pilot is being produced by Maximum Sports Channels for a reality TV series called WaterDemons 30 to the Three about professional men and women powerboat drivers who live fast and race their powerboats even faster —real fast, at over a hundred miles an hour every summer weekend on the quiet backwaters of America. Follow this gritty, colorful and all-American racing spectacle as the drivers race, party, rip and roar while coping with their own personal family struggles. The WaterDemons team will follow the USTS Powerboat circuit starting with their inaugural race at Lake Alfred, Florida this year.

30 to the Three is the official call to the start of a US Title Series (USTS) Powerboat race and your invitation to watch a different type of reality TV series about an original sporting event that is gritty, often raucously funny and incredibly exciting. WaterDemons will introduce America to the chaotic world of USTS Powerboat racing and the professional drivers that compete weekly with their own blood, sweat, time and money for the opportunity to win a big speed race.

In a world of hyper-professionalism and commercialism, WaterDemons is a refreshing departure in its celebration of racing as it was always meant to be. It is a gritty and colorful sporting spectacle, one that is very different from the sanitized and homogenized world of professional sports that usually permeates our living rooms.  During the weekends the quiet backwaters of America come to life as these drivers open up their engines and fill the summer air with the roar of their powerful engines. Free of the shackles of corporate sponsorship these drivers are free to express themselves in a uniquely American sport.

There is great family drama too, as you visit the driver’s homes and meet their spouses and children. You’ll see the worry and the personal sacrifice of their family members as they come to terms and cope with their loved one’s racing obsession. We follow the drivers in their everyday jobs as they struggle to fund their expensive avocation.

You’ll see the generational drama with the clash of the veterans versus the young guns as they compete for the heart and soul of their sport. The veterans are striving to keep the sport a simple and pure professional affair free of the corrupting influences of marketing and sponsor dollars. The young guns want fame and the opportunity to grow the sport beyond the hard core group of fans that currently follow the circuit. They see the opportunity in television and the power of social media to grow their fan base and are not afraid to express their expansive opinions and desires.

We’ll be there for the fun before and after the races including the crazed partying among the drivers with many of their dedicated and often hilarious fans. Loud music and roaring engines fill the hot summer air, combining with funny dialog and colorful comments that are the norm for the drivers, their crews and fans during these summer race day gatherings.

During race day WaterDemons follows the drivers during the course of the competition including their often boisterous interactions with the other drivers, their pit crews and the fans. Not surprisingly, the competitors often indulge in their own personal grudge matches. On a weekly basis the viewer gets to watch good ol’ boys and girls with anger issues battling it out on the back waters of America. You’ll see and witness these colorful rivalries and find it hard not to choose sides among the drivers as they undertake their personal vendettas during a race.

And the stakes are high. Rather than the usual fare of contrived reality TV show drama, there is real excitement and personal danger that accompanies each and every powerboat race! The powerboat racing is thrilling as the drivers all go in excess of a 100 mph and race side by side, often separated by mere feet as they are propelled inches above the onrushing water. They go all in for a chance at victory; all the while knowing that one false move on their part could culminate in a violent watery crash. Like modern day knights, they wear Kevlar armor, just in case an accident ejects them from their boats at over a 100 mph. At that speed hitting the water is the same as smashing into a concrete barrier and, yet they eagerly return week after week to compete in this hazardous sport. And you will be there to witness the personal triumphs and tragedies!

To complement the weekly drama, we’ll have exciting video footage, race sounds and original music to convey the energy and the excitement of the races to the viewing audience. You’ll see the drivers, their families, their pit crew, the races, the heartbreaks, the crashes and the victories, all on a weekly basis! You’ll feel like you’re actually at the race save for the sunburn!

WaterDemons is sponsored by a partnership between Maximum Sports Channels and BookIM in a collaboration to bring original content and alternative entertainment to today’s viewers.

Copies of this press release can be downloaded from here: www.maxsportschannels.com/waterdemons-reality-tv-show-pilot-filming-at-lake-alfred-florida/