30 to the Three


A different type of reality TV show about professional men and women powerboat drivers who live fast and race their powerboats even faster —real fast, at over a hundred miles an hour every summer weekend on the quiet backwaters of America. Follow this gritty, colorful and all-American racing spectacle as the drivers race, party, rip and roar while coping with their own personal family struggles.

30 to the Three, a Different Type of Reality TV

30 to the Three is the official call to the start of a US Title Series (USTS) Powerboat race and your invitation to watch a different type of reality TV series about an original sporting event that is gritty, often raucously funny and incredibly exciting. WaterDemons will introduce America to the chaotic world of USTS Powerboat racing and the professional drivers that compete weekly with their own blood, sweat, time and money for the opportunity to win a big speed race.

With powerboat racing the public perception is of a professional racing organization with some exciting races, the occasional horrific crash, jubilant winners and gracious losers. However; the reality is far different and far more interesting! It is a grittier and more colorful spectacle than what we are accustomed to seeing in the homogenized world of professional sports.

Like all sports WaterDemons is comprised of aggressive competitors who on a weekly basis indulge in their own personal grudge matches. Good ol’ boys with anger issues battle it out on the back waters of America. And then there are up and coming young guns, good looking determined young men and women looking for their day in the sun and a chance to take home the trophy. Before and after the races there is of course the requisite partying among the drivers with some of their crazy dedicated fans including some attractive young ladies.

WaterDemons follows the circuit capturing the often funny dialog and colorful comments that are the norm among the racers along with their interesting family back stories that include some multi-generational racing families. WaterDemons follows the drivers during race day including their often raucous interactions with their pit crews. And the power boat racing is thrilling as the drivers go in excess of a 100 mph for a chance of victory knowing that one false move could result in disaster. Like modern day knights they must wear Kevlar armor knowing that a crash could eject from their boat at over a 100 mph. At that speed hitting the water is comparable to hitting a concrete barrier and yet they return week after week to compete on the water.

WaterDemons also documents the generational clash of the veterans versus the young guns competing for the heart and soul of their sport. The veterans are striving to keep the sport a simple and pure professional affair free of the corrupting influences of marketing and sponsor money. The young guns want fame and the opportunity to grow the sport beyond the hard core group of fans that now follow the circuit. They see the opportunity in television and the power of social media to grow their fan base so that can turn today’s power boat professionals into tomorrow’s sport heroes.

In the weeks ahead the WaterDemons filming and marketing team will be putting together the original racing series footage concept and then combine that footage with the ongoing antics of the racers. After the video’s initial release we will pursue crowd funding through a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the creation of a 30 minute pilot. Funding will be used for logistics to record several races, video camera and recording equipment, production hardware, music, marketing and for the hiring of a director and a professional narrator. From there each season of WaterDemons will consist of a series of race that will provide a unique look into the kinds of people drawn to this sport. We’ll contrast the lifestyles and personas of the young guns that want to take the sport forward with that of the old timers that want to remain in control of this fast growing professional sport.

This is a pilot for a Reality Series with great people and cinematic themes. Follow us through the championship season in 2015 starting this April at Lake Alfred, Florida! For more information look call 631-751-5116.

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